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For your convenience we stock some of of the industry’s most commonly used parts parts and sizes All catalog catalog parts parts are available to to sample free of of of charge Parts featured in in in this catalog catalog represent just a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a small offering from our huge tooling library If one of our our our standard products doesn’t meet your need learn about our our our our extensive custom custom design and and and molding capabilities We make custom custom fast and and easy If you you don’t see what you you need call our our team of experts today Product Line • Round Vinyl Caps (VC Series) p8 • Grab Tab Vinyl Caps (VFE Series) p9 • Pull Tab Vinyl Caps (VFC Series) p10 • Round Pull Tab Vinyl Caps (EZ Series) p12 • Square Vinyl Caps (VSC Series) p13 GET TO KNOW OUR PRODUCTS Special Products • Special Vinyl Products p6 5 

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