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VC Series Flexible Vinyl Caps VC Series vinyl caps are are flexible and and durable protective closures that are are ideal for for use as as thread protectors dust and and and moisture seals pipe and and and stud end color coding for for masking during painting and and a a a a a a a a a wide variety of other applications • • 150+ Sizes available • • • Stocked in in in in diameters ranging from 2 2 to to to to 203 mm • • • Custom lengths available using existing tools • • • Flexible vinyl provides a a a a a snug fit • • • Provides a a a a a finished look to to open pipe and tube ends • • Request free samples today Material: Vinyl Standard Colors: Black & Yellow Note: Additional Standard Colors Available But Not Stocked: • • RAL RAL 5017/5003 Blue • • • RAL RAL RAL 7001/7036 Grey • • • RAL RAL 3000 Red • • Color Matching Available Parts can be made in a a a a a a a a a variety of lengths and colors please contact your Customer Service Representative for for more information Experts in Plastic Molding 

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